Classic Boxing Ring 20' X 20'

CBR-20' X 20'

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20' X 20'

The Classic Boxing Ring is designed especially for your gym.  This boxing ring has a 36” ring floor height and comes complete with all competition approved ring dressings and accessories.  This is a free-standing ring, so it doesn’t need to be bolted to your floor. 

We manufacture this ring, here in our factory and it is built to last.  While it does bolt together, we designed this ring and we build the Classic Boxing Ring to be very strong.

The Classic Boxing Ring Package comes complete with everything except the wood for the ring flooring.  You will purchase that locally.   Below is a complete list of all items included in the Classic Boxing Ring Package.

Remember, rings are measured by the overall Platform Size, not the area inside the ring ropes.  A 20’ boxing ring platform will have 16’ inside the ring ropes.



  • ·         4 corner posts
  • ·         1 center post
  • ·         8 side rails
  • ·         4 side support posts
  • ·         Under ring tension cables with turnbuckles
  • ·         All steel cross members (ring floor joists)
  • ·         Competition approved ring padding
  • ·         Canvas Mat Cover with lacing rope
  • ·         1 set of 4 black nylon ring skirts
  • ·         1 set of 4 corner pads
  • ·         4 complete boxing ring ropes inside strong vinyl rope covers
  • ·         16 turnbuckles
  • ·         Turnbuckle covers
  • ·         1 set of 8 ring rope spacers
  • ·         1 stairway
  • ·         36” ring floor height (a lower custom height is available)
  • ·         All bolts, washers and nuts
  • ·         Easy to follow installation booklet

 The Classic Boxing Ring is designed to use either 2” x 12” or 2” x 10” boards for the flooring.  Below is a list of the number of boards that you will need for your ring.


A 20’ ring platform will need the following boards.
                Using 2” x 12” x 8’ = 42 boards
                Using 2” x 10” x 8’ = 52 boards

This ring will ship via commercial freight line. or call us @ (949) 441-4344

All equipment from USA Boxing Equipment are manufactured in USA from start to finish. 

For standard purchased products, in stock, typical delivery time is between 1 and 4 business days.   For custom, built to order items,  delivery time varies. Contact us for more information.

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