Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves Tiger Orange

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  • The best sleek and contoured design.
  • Manufactured with the highest quality leather.
  • Nylon water repellent lining offers excellent protection against sweat entering the padding.
  • New style boxing gloves without laces with a leather wrap around wrist and an extra long cuff for greater wrist protection.
  • Attached thumbs protects eyes and helps prevent thumbs from being sprained or broken.

All the quality and craftsmanship you have come to expect from an authentically produced Cleto Reyes product. This glove sports the same leather strap with hook-and-loop closure for a firm and quicker adjustment as the classic Cleto Reyes Training Gloves and then some. Two whole inches of padding in the punch area for better protection. These gloves are manufactured under strict quality control in goatskin leather. The attached thumb helps to prevent eye and thumb injuries. Interior water-repellent lining prevents moisture from entering the padding. Handmade in Mexico.