Fairtex POLKA DOT Boxing Training Gloves

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  • Long Сuff design. Ergonomically Engineered with a Unique Contoured and Tight-Fit Hand Compartment Designed to Provide a Secure and Snug Fit.
  • Constructed of Microfibrer with the Fairtex Signature Three-Layered Foam System For Excellent Hand and Knuckle Protection and Shock Dispersement.
  • Padded Palm. The BGV14 is Fairtex’s Flagship Product, and is Famous Throughout Thailand and All Across the World, with a Design Tailored for Muay Thai Practitioners.
  • Easy to Form a Fist. Designed with a Contoured Hand and Attached Curved Thumb Design for Optimal Fist Closure, Minimizing Muscle Tension.
  • Handcrafted in Thailand